Monday, April 27, 2015

Getting Closer!

Well, today was a bitter sweet day. Today was my last Monday of college classes.... ever! Normally, I hate Mondays...but today...I loved that it was my last Monday of school. I have reflected back throughout my education and I have so many fond memories throughout my life in school...kindergarten....grade school....middle school....high school and now college. I only have four more days of classes and one final next week that is separating me from graduation. I will receive my Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Criminal Justice Administration. Wow! Through out life... it seems like school takes forever and will never end...but now I realize that it didn't take that long at all. Graduation is in 11 days! YIKES! I am lucky that I have met some great friends along the way and I am also blessed with a great family that will be here to celebrate my great achievement with me. I really began to see the light at the end of the tunnel today when I picked up my cap, gown, and tassel. I have almost reached the finish line!

The more exciting thing about graduation being in 11 days....that means... leaving for London is in 12 days! That is right.....less than two weeks till I get to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity. While in London, Bryson and I will be attending The Lion King in one of the many Theatres. I am so excited to see one of my favorite childhood movies performed in the theatre setting. It will almost be like completing the circle of life; from watching the movie on VHS when I was little to watching it in a different atmosphere as an adult. It is amazing to think how your perspectives can change so much in a matter of fifteen years.

Photo credit to: Wikipedia found on Google.

Well, I suppose that is enough sappiness for now. I need to prepare for one of my graduation celebrations tomorrow that will be hosted by the Justice Studies Professors. (Side-note: I sure am glad I changed my major to Criminal Justice...The Professors are awesome plus I am able to go on this educational trip! The professors are so helpful and make learning lots of fun. I am extremely appreciative of all the knowledge every one of them has taught me in my college education. OKAY emotional rant over!)


  1. Aaawwweeee!! You will make your mother cry!! It doesn't seem like that long ago you were off for your first day of kindergarten!! How time flies!! I knew when you started college there was a chance of you changing your mind about what direction to follow and it sounds like you are happy with the path you chose!! So congratulations and enjoy the days to come! They go by sooo quickly!! Love you "mostest"!! (:

  2. OMG OMG OMG!! Making me FEEL OLD MUCH and you already know you have me in tears!! =) HAHAHAHA THANKS MOM for that "Cry Baby Gene"!! I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER how you have made my life BETTER!! From literally SAVING me and getting me through ONE of the TOUGHEST parts of my life to becoming a LOVING Baby Sister, to watching and teaching you "EVERYTHING" you needed to know (and probably then some!!??), to helping you with Projects and Life as a Kid/Middle School-er!! Then on to CHEERING you on in ALL of your MANY Recreational Activities!! Then WAM~College!! I KNOW that even though we are 13 yrs. apart in age, we have had a CONNECTION from before you were born!! As the Oldest of our 5 Siblings I've tried NOT to be the OVER Bearing and Boosy Older Sister and I've ALWAYS tried to BE THERE for EVERYTHING that I could!! I'm SO PROUD of you!! You're an AMAZING YOUNG WOMAN and I KNOW this life HOLDS MANY AWESOME things ahead for you, but I still just want you to ENJOY EVERY minute of your YOUNG Life!! =) I'm SO EXCITED for you to be able to go and experience the AMAZING things you'll get to go see and do on this Trip!! Bonus, how FUN is it going to be that Bryson gets to go too!!?? Couldn't be more PERFECT for the both of you!! =) So ENJOY these last couple of WEEKS and remember that Life is TOTALLY what YOU MAKE IT!! =) Like Mom has ALWAYS told us and I'm trying to tell my boys the same thing "You can DO ANYTHING you put your mind too, you just have to WANT IT and WORK HARD to do/make it happen!! I LOVE you LOTS and CAN'T WAIT to Celebrate ANOTHER AWESOME Milestone in your life with you!! See you SOON and XOXOXOXOXOXOXO!! =) Emotional Rant OVER!! =) LOL!!

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