Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Arriving in London

Arrived in London yesterday after battling a foot of snow in Chadron before we left. Our flight out of Rapid City was delayed but we finally departed and caught our connecting flight. When we arrived yesterday we got to tour Windsor Castle. The castle was very beautiful, but I wish we would have had more than an hour to spend there. We got to see the different rooms in the castle that included the Kings and Queens dressing rooms and the queens doll house. Many of the rooms prohibited the use of cameras so I didn't get many photos but it was beautiful.

After the tour of the castle we changed some dollars to pounds. This process was really interesting because 1 pound was equivalent to 1.624 dollars. We exchanged $100 and we got 57.57 pounds back. Next, we decided to go to the phone store and bough a cheap phone here so we could call home. The phone ended up costing 99 pence which would be equivalent to our 99 cents except the exchange rate would make it a little more. We called home and no one answered because they didn't know the number haha. In order for us to dial out of the country we have to use the code 001 then the area code and the number. It was a pretty interesting thing to do for the first time. It took a few time to dial the right number!

Then we went to the hotel and toured the surrounding area. We learned where the underground stop was, which is the main transportation here. We also saw many different places to eat. Finally, we finished the night by eating at the area pub called Friends at Hand. The burger I had was great and they make their own bbq sauce with ale. Then, went back and crashed after getting two hours of sleep in about 36 hours!


  1. I was anxious to hear about your flight and the tour of the castle. The money exchange was interesting , must mean the dollar is slipping, huh?! We didn't recognize the phone number format so thought it was a prank call! I was checking cows and your dad is planting corn so we weren't home! Darn it ! We missed it!

  2. I think I would have loved to see the Queen's doll house! Were there dolls to look at too?? I always enjoyed historical novels, so seeing how they lived and dressed in years past would be interesting to me! Sounds like the food is good! I'm a bit used to the same old same old so don't know what I would try!

    1. The food has been amazing! However, I'm not afraid to try new things. Eating lunch now at a pizza place. I'm drinking fresh squeezed Apple juice. It's the best apple juice I've ever had! Yum! There were dolls at the Queens doll house but they were larger like the one with the twitchy eyes you have. The dollhouse reminded me of the house Britni had and she decorated it with furnishings. Pretty cool!

  3. It must have taken several hours before the comments came on my computer as I started logging on this morning and tried several times throughout the day and finally could read what you posted at 5:30 ish!! I gave all 3 dogs baths today! It's been windy all day! UGH!

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  5. AWESOME!! The Castle would have been one of my FAVORITE stops too!! =) I'm not sure that is EVERYONE'S feeling though which is probably why you only had an hour there!! LOVE LOVE LOVE ALL of the Pictures!! YUMMY Fresh Squeezed Apple Juice sounds AWESOME!! I'm sure I'd LOVE it!! Have an AMAZING TRIP!! LOVE YOU!! =)