Friday, May 22, 2015

Oxford University, Stratford and Warwick Castle

Today we took another trip out of London on the Coach. We started our journey out in Oxford. Here, we got to see the place where students who are accepted from Oxford go to be interviewed to find out which College is right for them. Oxford University is composed of 38 different colleges. We got to tour one of the colleges named Brasenose. We got to see the dining hall and chapel which is included in every college of Oxford University. The architecture in Oxford was amazing! I got to take lots of pictures of all the great architecture. I also got a sweatshirt that says Oxford University and already tonight I have gotten lots of looks as if I am intelligent because I go to Oxford.

After this we went to Stratford. This is where Shakespeare was born and where he died. We also got to eat at a awesome little place that had the most amazing cheesecake I have ever eaten! I got caramel cheesecake because I love caramel. Most cheesecake is too rich that you can't eat the whole thing. However, this cheesecake was the right amount of sweetness so you could eat the whole thing and not have a belly ache! Yahoo!

Our last stop was Warwick Castle. Here, we got to tour the castle and it even had Kind Henry VIII and his six wives made out of wax. They were so realistic it was a little creepy! We also got to climb up the towers of the castle and peer out at the countryside. The view way up high was absolutely amazing! My favorite part though, was the live bird show outside. We got to see a bald eagle named Sydney, a juvenile bald eagle Molly, a white vulture named frank, an owl named Andy and an Andean Condore in flight. These birds literally flew inches above our heads! The owl was only six months old and wasn't very well trained yet but he was sure pretty. The Condore is the largest bird ever and can reach a wing span over 10 feet. I was absolutely amazed!

Tomorrow we have our last free day before we leave fore the States on Sunday! I'm sad to leave, but anxious to be home!

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  1. I bet the ornithology class was helpful for your companion!? Ha ! Sounds like you squeezed a lot of sites in one day! Pretty interesting trip for you both! So glad you both got to go!