Friday, May 29, 2015

Being Back Home

It is so easy to visit places and just enjoy the scenery while you are vacationing. This study abroad trip has really opened up my mind and enabled me to become more of a global citizen. While in London, I was able to look outside of the box and really take in the differences of the way we live here in America versus in England.

The biggest difference to me was the price of living and eating while abroad. The eating prices in London were more expensive than what we would pay in America. The food was always amazing, but almost every day it was hard to order what you really wanted to get because of the expensive price. Here in America people are constantly stating how expensive everything is and always complain about not having enough money. While being abroad I realized just how great we have it here at home. Our food is really not that expensive and the cost of living is really affordable especially with how much we make. In London, lots of really nice houses that had more space and bigger yards than most were a couple hundred thousand pounds. Just that price tag alone makes me cringe. Plus, living on a salary of a police officer there would make your cost of living higher than what you actually would be making. I think here in America we are able to afford pretty much what we need and mostly what we want without having to worry too much. This really made me realize that in different countries everything really is different and sometimes it takes you experiencing their culture to really realize that.

To me, I feel that I am a more global citizen because of this study abroad experience because I was able to notice all the differences of the cultures in England compared to the United States. I really enjoyed my two weeks in London, but it sure is great to be back home. It is also great go out to supper with my husband and only spend $16 for supper instead of about 35 pounds. Being able to understand and see the differences in the cost of food and living enables me to be a more global citizen.

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  1. I thought this study abroad trip helped me to also look outside the box. It helped to not just enjoy the scenery and the things we did. It also helped us to understand that not everyone lives the same, and that it doesn't make it wrong to be different. As we have discussed, the prices in England were a huge difference. I did enjoy most of the food, but a person would have to alter their spending if they actually lived in London. Constable Watson told us that it would almost be impossible to afford things as a new officer in London. I can second it that it was nice to go out and spend $16 dollars for supper, rather than 35 pounds ($53 dollars). Constable Watson told us one day that when him and his wife went to Texas that he couldn't believe the prices. He told us how a bottle of nail polish there was something like $1 compared to what would have been $50 dollars there.