Friday, May 22, 2015

Trooping of the Colour

Monday morning we were lucky enough to join Constable Watson for a practice of Trooping of the Colour. This is where the five regimens of the military March down in preparation for the Queens birthday celebration that will be taking place in a month.. The Queens real birthday is in April, but they wait to celebrate it in June. This was really interesting to see because each regimen has their own band that plays and they all march to it. The regimens have had different practice schedules so we only got to see 3 of the 5 regimens practice.

The weather was quite cold and rainy. We all got to use our umbrellas which made us feel like true "Brits" because everyone carries them around and uses them quite often. Each of the regimens have different colored feathers in their black bear fur hat. They also have a different number of buttons on their uniforms which makes it so you can tell each regimen apart. This activity took about an hour and a half and was really cool. My favorite thing about it was watching them March. Every time they stop they end with a high step and they really plant their foot. It made me laugh every time!

After the Trooping of the Colour we finally were able to get a nap in and it was wonderful. After our time of much needed rest we went and got dinner. We chose to eat at a chinese restaurant that was next to our hotel. In case anyone is wondering after I wake up for a nap I'm not too ambitious. The Chinese restaurant was close which want it wasn't far to walk. Plus, it was huge portions for a very reasonable price. This was a great place to eat! They even had a carrot that they carved a rose into on my plate of chow mein. It was awesome!

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