Friday, May 22, 2015

Last Metropolitan Police Visit

Thursday morning we were accompanied by Constable Watson and Constable Kole. These two gentleman were so full of knowledge and made the day really enjoyable. They took us to Downing Street and we got to walk inside. This street is a gated area and is protected because it is where The Lord of Treasure lives. This tiltle is also known as the prime minister but the more prestige name is preferred. We all got to take pictures in front of 10 Downing Street. The door was never shit for too long as many people come and go. So, it was a bit tricky to catch the door closed in time for a picture to get taken!

After this, we got to go to to Buckingham Palace to watch the Changing of the Gaurds. However, we did one better! We got the chance in a lifetime to go inside the front gates at Buckingham palace and stand against the palace while watching the Changkng of the Guards. We were literally in arms reach of the Guards at times. Again, we got to hear the bands of two different regimens play: the old regimen being relieved and the new regimen going on guard. My favorite part was watching "all the poor people", as Constable Watson would say, press their heads against the gates and stare at us. They were all taking pictures of us as if we were famous. So in a way I suppose we got to be famous for a day because we got to stand where Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman stood previously. Then, when we left and exited a whole bunch more people took a ton of pictures of us so I'm sure we can be found on Google!

Then, we went back to New Scotland Yard and were joined by students from UNO to listen to a couple presentations by several Constables from the Metropolitan Police. We learned a lot more about the policing tactics used in the London Olympics in 2012. We also learned just what Constable Watson thought policemen in the states do on a daily basis: eat donuts, lots and lots of donuts. He had quite the presentation it made us all laugh. Although, one student from UNO was a police officer so I don't think he appreciated it as much as we did. (:


  1. Ya ! I bet they thought you were a celebrity, just didn't know which one! Ha Ha!! I don't suppose the officer from Nebraska did think very much of a "donut" eating comment, although in movies they make the constables seem pretty inept! Did you happen to recognize anyone from UNO? Was the other constable going to be Watson's replacement when he retires?

    1. I didn't recognize anyone from the UNO group. The other Constable has been there for 34 years so he isn't a replacement just a colleague.