Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Lambeth Headquarters

Today, we got to visit what they call Lambuth Headquarters. This is where the special operations room is located and where they can see the cameras that are active all around the city. This was quite interesting because they have several pods set up with four computers in each pod. All information for a certain event is shared between the different pods instead of people shouting out that they need this information to pod 6. This makes for a quiet work environment and allows the workers to focus more on the information they are reading and logging.

Then, we learned about their structure of organization here. They call their orders gold, silver and bronze. The gold are the supervisors that make the decisions and tell the silver what they want. The silver are the people that carry out what the gold wants done. The bronze are many people that carry out certain tasks that the silver assigns them.

Last, we got to learn more about the Metropolitan Police from our guest Constable Watson. He is pretty sarcastic, but really funny! He showed us the different weapons they have used over the years. He also showed us the hand cuffs they use here which are "quick cuffs". They are pretty neat! Bryson volunteered to be handcuffs and I think at the end he was wishing he wouldn't have. He had marks on his hands from them. I was even lucky enough to try on the police armor and hat. Plus, Constable Watson said he guessed he would take a picture with me. I felt so lucky!

After the Lambuth Headquarters we toured some of London. We found the London Eye, Big Ben, and the Sherlock Holmes Pub. I enjoyed some strawberry like cider and boy was it delicious. Finished the night off with eating at the Italian Restaurant where I had Italian pizza with a cream sauce and mushrooms! It was mighty delicious! It was a great day! However, I'm so exhausted im ready for bed. I'll sure sleep like a baby!



  1. Does that mean the police can actually visualize the "whole" city?? Hopefully that would cut down on crime except I'm told pick pockets are so good they wouldn't be seen doing it anyway!! Did you take a photo of BJ with the handcuffs on and a close up view of them!? Sounds like a fun time!!

    1. Yes, they have cameras up all over the city! I did take pictures of everything. They just take forever to load and ran out of time last night before they uploaded. Places here with wifi close at 11 and we had to leave. That was okay though because I was tired!

  2. Can't wait to see pictures but then I have to be smart enough to figure out how to see them I suppose! Just call me computer illiterate! ugh!

  3. AWESOME!! Sounds like there is LOTS to see and you have been fitting LOTS in everyday!! =) I too CAN'T WAIT to see ALL of the Pictures!! I think it would be strange to have cameras EVERYWHERE!! I'm sure their are more around than you realize, but it would be weird!! THANKS for sharing!! LOVE you!! =)